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IELTS Writing 2 Practice Test 22 & Band 8.0 Sample Answer


Some people think that radio has become out-of-date, and there is no need to listen to the radio for entertainment and news. Do you agree or disagree?


In the old day, radio broadcasting was considered as one of the most important and convenient sources of information. However, with the emergence of other mass media, some people perceive that radio will be at stake of extinction in the future if it does not undergo any significant change. In my opinion, such pessimism is short – evident.

One of the main reasons accounting for why radio would not become obsolete in the near future is that driving is emerging across the word as a way of life. Radio is a prevalent piece of equipment installed in a cars, and to ear users, listening to the radio while driving is an ideal idea for taking full advantage of their time and obtaining the latest information, such as news, weather forecast, society, and so forth. Increase in car user gives radio high mobility and its exposure will continue to lead other media. For those people who have no time watching the box, radio provides immediate and easy access to information. Its continued prevalence is also connected to its high affordability. Radio broadcasting is, in general, accessible to the audience with free of charge.  Another obvious advantage is that a radio set is portable and convenient.  On the occasions where people cannot watch TV, read newspaper of surf the Internet, they can resort to radio.

The advent of other technologies has also reinforced the popularity of radio. For instance, people can get radio easily via satellite, the Internet and cable nowadays. There are many other electronic devices, such as MP3 and MP4 players, which help people attain various entertainment resources at their own convenience.  Despite the fact that is unable to convey messages with images and motions as television or Internet does, the innovation in those hi-tech devices will ensure the ability of radio to serve the needs of audiences as it always did.
To summarize, radio broadcasting has lots of benefits that can scarcely be found in other mass media channel, either electronic or print. The remarkable improvements in technology certainly will enable radio to perform more functions and become more widely available. There is no doubt to say that radio broadcasting will continue to account for a very substantial segment of mass media market.