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IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic in 2018 with Sample Essay

The tradition that family gets together to eat meals is disappearing. What are the reasons? What are the impacts on families and societies?


It is true that modem families do not have meals together as often as in the past. Reasons for this vary, and there are several impacts on both households and the community as a whole.

Family members today rarely eat meals together because of several causes. The hectic work schedule is often considered the main reason why individuals now tend to resort to prepared meals to save time for work. As such, the tradition that parents came back from work to cook lunch for children is no longer preferable in many countries, and this also explains why the fast food industry is developing fast in this country. Another contributing factor is that culinary skills are no longer passed on to younger generations. Food outlets and restaurants today offer a wide range of food choices that can satisfy even fussy eaters, meaning that cooking is not necessarily a skill that young people need to learn to cook for the family.

The gradual disappearance of family meals has several effects. Firstly, having meals with family members is a great chance for them to bond with each other, so parents have less time to talk with their children, and spouses also lose an opportunity to share daily stories. On the social level, some traditions may be lost as a result of people eating out too often. Family values might not be appreciated when people do not feel the need to come back home after work for a meal. On special occasions such as New Year Eve, family feasts serve as an important event, and it is regretful that this tradition is gradually disappearing.

In conclusion, various factors are attributable to the disappearance of family meals. This has several damaging effects on both families and societies.

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