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New IELTS Speaking Part 1 with Band 8 Sample – Topic: Visiting Relatives

16.1. Do you often visit relatives?

Yes, I do! When I was younger, I used to find it boring, but now that I’m older, I cherish (enjoy/value) the time I have with my relatives. I plan to see different relatives every Sunday.

16.2. What do you do when you visit them?

We usually keep it pretty simple. We tend to have a meal at one of our houses or just sit in the living room and talk. From time to time, we decide to go out to eat or to do something else, like maybe the cinema or the park.

16.3. When was the last time you visited them? what did you do?

Just this morning actually! I went over to bring my grandparents lunch, since they aren’t very mobile anymore. We ate chicken salad then I helped them pay their bills online and chatted.

16.4. Do you prefer visiting your relatives, or your friends?

I like both for different reasons. I would say I probably enjoy seeing my friends more because it’s a time to de-stress and have fun, whereas seeing family involves more stress and judgment. However, I think family is more important.

16.5. Do you take anything when you visit your relatives?

Of course! I always try to bring some flowers or some sort of contribution to the meal, as I’m not one who likes to show up empty-handed (with nothing).  I especially like to bring something to my relatives after a vacation, like a souvenir- such a keychain, magnet, or T-shirt.