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Recent IELTS Essay Question in 2018 with Model Essay

Some people think that museums and art galleries should concentrate on the history and art of their own country rather than the works of art of other parts of the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Model essay by IDP Australia 

Museums and art galleries play an important role in offering multifaceted knowledge to the public. Some individuals opine that these institutions should primarily focus on their local history and art instead of global works of art. I, however, largely disagree with this viewpoint as international works provide various benefits to the public.

Museums and art galleries offer a medium to understanding cultural heritage. By focusing on local history and art only, such institutions limit the knowledge of the public to the domestic borders. Conversely, if art and history from other parts of the world are displayed, museums and art galleries exhibit multiculturalism, allowing people to understand distinct histories and cultures, and thus, enhancing globalization. For example, the Vatican museum exhibits works from several European countries, allowing the smallest country in the world to be a bridge to explaining cultural values of distinct nations under one roof.

Moreover, international historical and cultural works would allow individuals to gain information on critical international issues that many countries face together. Many museums choose to have educational international exhibitions of important political and social issues, which may be more informative than the media. For instance, the Melbourne Art Gallery has collections from across the globe in order to depict thoughts on poverty, war and trade, and in a survey, 88% visitors declared that they felt more informed about such issues from the museum than from the news.

In conclusion, I disagree to a large extent with the belief that museums and art galleries should focus on the history and art of their own country rather than international works, as with the latter, these museums and galleries build a platform for globalization and multinational knowledge.

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