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Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: Activity

Key word – Activity

1          Verb + activity

Use the correct form of these verbs:

avoid               be involved in              monitor

do                    organise                      support

  • Our yoga group ____________ a number of activities throughout the year. Our monthly newsletter gives you an update on our current activities.
  • The police suspect that he is ____________ some kind of illegal activity, but they can’t prove it yet.
  • This is a simple activity you can____________ with mixed ability classes.
  • It is important that you ____________ any kind of sporting activity for at least three weeks after your operation.
  • Charities depend on people like us to ____________ their activities. Otherwise, they would not be able to function.
  • A national committee has been set up to ____________ the activities of the police. It is important that they are answerable to the general public.

2          Common adjective collocations

Complete the sentences with these adjective collocations:

frenetic activity                                        outdoor activities

pleasurable activities                            strenuous activity

worthwhile activities              

  • You’re wasting your time playing computer games. You need to redirect your energies into more ____________ .
  • For me, one of life’s most ____________ is going for a long walk in the countryside.
  • I hate being inside. That’s why I love ____________ like mountaineering and sailing.
  • You can do some light exercises, but avoid any kind of ____________ if you want to recover from your injury quickly.
  • We worked night and day to meet the deadline and after two weeks of ____________ the job was finished on time.

Go back and underline other interesting collocations in this exercises

3          Types of activity

Use these adjectives in the sentences:

criminal          economic        extra-curricular

leisure             political

  • A shorter working week means that people today have much more time for ____________  activities.
  • A friend of mine was arrested and imprisoned for his ____________ activities. He refused to accept the government ban on public demonstrations.
  • Apart from its academic programme the school offers a wide range of ____________ activities, including swimming, drama, cycling and archery .
  • There’s been an increase in ____________ activity in our area in recent years – mostly drug-related.
  • In third world countries agriculture remains the main ____________ activity.

4          Noun + of + activity

Use these nouns in the sentence:

bouts               flurry               hive                 signs                variety

  • The whole of our house was a ____________ of activity on the day of my sister’s wedding. Everybody was rushing around preparing things.
  • The new sports centre offers a wide ____________ of activities including tennis, swimming and squash.
  • There was a sudden ____________ of activity when Madonna arrived, then the photographers sat down and waited for the next star to arrive.
  • Doctors tell us that regular exercise is better than occasional ____________ of strenuous activity.
  • The plants in the garden are finally showing ____________ of activity after the long cold winter.


1.         These expressions mean a lot of activity:

The hall was a scene of constant activity.

The place was buzzing with activity.

2.         Note these verb collocations:

Lots of activities were laid on for the children.

What kind of leisure activities do you enjoy?

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Ex 1:

  • organises           2. involved in           3. do          4. avoid        5. support          6. monitor

Ex 2:

1 worthwhile activities             2. pleasurable activities

3 outdoor activities                  4. strenuous activity

5 frenetic activity

Ex 3:

  • leisure            2. political             3. extra-curricular          4. criminal           5. economic

Ex 4:

      l. hive           2. variety           3.flurry          4. bouts          5. signs